Sunday, December 27, 2015

So what's up with the cane, Mr. Bennett?

As many of you are aware, I have had difficulty walking and been on a cane, walker, or at times even a wheelchair since Thanksgiving. I have not posted anything about it, because I kept waiting to try to determine the cause. All we knew was that there was severe pain in the hip.

First thought was, of course, the cancer, and second thought would be arthritis, but x-ray of the pelvic area shows the bone to be in good shape. It is, in fact the professional opinion of medical experts that I have a good-looking place where you sit.

Having reasonably ruled out other possibilities, it now seems to be injured/damaged muscles or nerves due to unknown causes, and I will begin physical therapy for the same in early January. Expectation is that I will be off of canes, etc., and walking normally again by end of January.

Regarding the cancer, I am scheduled to give another blood sample this week, and will post if there is any news to report once I get results.