Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 2013 Update

I went to see the cancer doc today. The M-spike increased to 1.2, up by 0.2 over the past two months. The good and the bad news is that it is increasing at its same, normal rate as before, no faster, no slower. Although the doc will not make any predictions, I can do the math and see that at this rate, it will probably be sometime in mid 2015 before I resume chemotherapy, if I were to use the same trigger points as before. The better news though, is that the cancer doc is talking like it would be kind of nuts to resume at those levels, and might be wiser to let the cancer go higher before resuming chemo. That could push it back another full year before resuming, to mid-2016.
Carol and I will go see the good folks at Mayo in late January, and see what they have to say. Meanwhile, thanks for all the prayers, and happy new year to all!