Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Daryl Bennett, CPSC (Cancer Patient, Second Class)

Since I only go to see my cancer doc once every two months now, and much of the time I don't see him but his capable young assistant, I asked him some time ago if I was now a "Cancer Patient, Second Class," meaning things were not as urgent now and I seem to be more on a long-term maintenance program.

I got numbers back on my latest blood work today, and the results are good. The M-spike has been hovering at a consistent but unmoving low level like a catfish on a river bottom (see blog entry for 11/17), but this month it moved down again, dropping from 0.6 to 0.4. Total proteins also made a nice drop, and most parameters of the general blood chemistry are showing some slight improvements as well.

I keep on the current medication program, and go back to see the cancer doc again in two months.

I want to thank each of you for your faithful and persistent prayers for me over the past 2+ years. As I told my Sunday School class recently, you don't learn the meaning of perseverance (in prayer) from a dictionary. So often, when we pray for someone and there is no apparent answer, we are inclined to give up on our prayers and say, "God's will be done." But perseverance means praying just as fervently and ardently two years or more later as you did when you first heard the news and brought your petition before God, and I know that such prayers are many of you.

Thanks for love, prayers, support and concern.

In His Mighty Care, Daryl

Some Grand Kids

Wow. Am I ever blessed to have this pack of kids loving me and calling me "Grandpa."