Monday, April 29, 2013

My Hair

I lost all hair on the top of my head and most of my beard during chemo at Mayo. As of April 29, I now have a full beard back, and a definite discernable fuzz on the top of my head.


It has been brought to my attention that I have not made any blog entries since coming home. My apologies for leaving the story incomplete. I was discharged from the program at Mayo on Feb. 14. It took us more than a half day to wrap up our business in Rochester and get checked out of the Gift of Life house, but we left early afternoon, and made it as far as Des Moines, Iowa, before stopping for the night. We were planning to take two more days for the trip home, but we got up Saturday morning and drove the whole way.

We arrived home at 10:30 PM on Saturday evening, Feb. 16. Our neighbors had the yard all spiffied up, spic and span clean, with new flowers planted and a welcome back heart on the door. They had even bought some basic grocery for us so we wouldn't have to stop late to do so. They sure knew how to make us feel welcomed back into our own home.

I started working a few hours from home the week after we got back, and then going in a few hours every day or so the week after that, gradually building my time back up. I took six weeks to transition back into working full time.  With all the sickness going around at our church, we were home for a month before we attended in person, as opposed to watching via live streaming on the computer.