Friday, January 2, 2009

Cancer Update - January 2, 2009

Daryl Bennett has reached a new low, and that is good. This morning I received lab results on blood samples taken on Tuesday, 12/30, and they indicated that the all-critical M-spike (the primary blood indicator on the level of the cancer)is 1.6, the lowest level it has been since we began measuring it and treating cancer 16 months ago. For perspective, the M-spike was 4.0 at diagnosis, and 0.0 would indicate cancer-free, or non-detectable cancer. For two months now, the velcade treatments have shown a continuous and consistent, uniform decline in the M-spike levels.

We couch this exceedingly good news in the understanding that no cure is offered by the medical community for this cancer. The only way for me to be cured is for God to intervene miraculously, or for Him to prolong my life through various combinations of chemo drugs until a cure for myeloma is developed. As stated from the beginning, though I intend to fight a good fight and do all in my responsibility to do, I am totally in the hands of a heavenly Father whose love for me is beyond my ability to comprehend. There is no place we would rather for me to be.

I am still working full-time, and had a great month of December. I usually spend 6 to 8 hours each week in various doctors' offices for various reasons. In the overall cancer fight, I put a priority on going to the gym 3 times a week to swim 1/2 mile to one kilometer each time. Closest to heart, I still teach and serve on the elder board at the church, though I had to cut back on the teaching schedule and some other ministry items in fall 2008.

Thanks for your caring, concerns, and prayers.