Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update June 2012

Results of a blood sample taken last week indicate that the cancer M-spike increased this two-month period from 1.2 to 1.6.  If viewed as an isolated data point, 33% could be viewed as a substantial increase. Given the range of the accuracy of the test, however, it is possible that the past few readings, when things seemed to be stable or even decreasing, may have been on the low side of the test's accuracy, and this time's may be read a little on the high side.  It can vary quite a bit simply by who is reading the test results.  Cancer patients (hopefully) learn to not get too excited one way or the other by results of a single test, be it good or bad.  Regardless, this is precisely the level at which I expected to now be when I was making my own, personal projections last November or December.  If this is the case, resumption of chemotherapy early in 2013 remains likely.

Again, no change in the course of action for now.  We will sample and test again in August to see if this is the beginning of a significantly increasing trend, or if the overall gradual increase is continuing at its anticipated rate, or if this is just a aberrant data point and things are staying stable.  We are still safely below the trigger point that Carol, the doc and I set a year ago for resuming chemotherapy.

Thanks to all for love, prayers, encouragment and concern.