Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Update January 2015

I had a blood sample taken last week, and went to see the cancer doc today. After four months of staying fairly level, the cancer took a sharp and significant upward turn over the past two months. The cancer doctor is concerned, but agrees that I shouldn't take drastic action (resume chemo) based on a single data event. He is willing to wait until I go back to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for a two-year since transplant checkup on Feb. 3, and then probably even get another blood sampling event at Texas Oncology in early March, before deciding what to do, or when to do it. In addition to the blood work, Mayo clinic will check the urine and x-ray the skeleton to see how it is doing, and either Mayo or Texas Oncology may sample the bone marrow to check on it.
I am still feeling very well, working hard at my job and ministries, and there does not yet seem to be impact on the body (bones or organs) from the cancer. I make this post because so many of you are so faithful to continually ask how I am doing. 
Thank you. Your prayers, friendship and support are valued greatly.