Monday, September 12, 2011

Labor Day 2011

Last Monday, we packed 4 grandkids into a rented mini-van and drove 545 miles from Peoria, IL, to Dutch Fred Lake, MI, on Michigan's upper penisula. Check it out on google earth. We left 100+ degree temps in Dallas on Friday, 9/2, and it was 32 degrees at the cabin on Monday evening, 9/5. Dispite the apparent outhouse in the photo, we did have indoor facilities.
The cabin was 6.5 miles off the paved road down a dirt "road." Though the lake and surrounding land were public, we saw no other people on the lake or the 6.5 miles of dirt road for the week we were there. No electricity, cell phone coverage, television, internet, etc. We ran a generator off and on for a few hours each day, as needed.