Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Update, Feb. 2012

I got results back on the most recent blood sample, and there has been no increase (or decrease) in the cancer since the last sampling two months ago. The cancer doc was real chipper about it when I saw him today. For now, it is stay the course and continue to monitor. Thanks to all for prayers, love and support.

"I have been, and will always be, your friend."

This morning I got to have breakfast with my best pal from high school days, Guy Ray. He went to Messick High and I went to White Station, but we met and got to be pals at church. He reminded me of Spock's quote that is the title of this blog, and the same is said by both of us in regard to the other.

Here is a picture of us at church camp one summer sometime in the 1960's. Guy always was the cool one of this duo. I don't think we've changed that much, do you?